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I didn't know what He was thinking when he took off my training wheels
As he pushed me down the driveway right down on my heels
Passing Grandpa's Buick, I felt him letting go

In no time I was riding, riding like the wind
I wish I had a polaroid of the way I made him grin
I didn't think to thank him for the way he helped me grow
But I know he knows

When I turned 16 those two wheels turned into 4
I begged him for a Mustang but I got the family Ford
All my buddies laughed at me
I cussed him down the road

Next week Jimmy Taylor went straight through Dead Man's Curve
I stood there at the grave site, I didn't say a word
I didn't think to thank my dad
I wasn't in that GTO
But I know he knows

He knew me better than I knew myself
All I should've said to him before he left
Always a victim of my own circumstance
But thanks to the Father, I'll have another chance

Last Sunday morning as I heard the word of God
I knew my daddy was his child and I was not
I wish he could've been here
To see the Lord save my soul
But I know he knows
Oh but I know he knows